About Me

Hi, I’m Kathryn Sutcliffe, a northern girl living in Hertfordshire with my boyfriend Jim and our two cats. 9-5 I work as a fashion buyer but outside of those hours I am a content creator, influencer and dabble in home styling.

My style mixes vintage pieces with high street buys. I believe our homes should be a reflection of who we are rather than the latest trends.

Aside from interiors, I love travelling (particularly around Scandinavia and The States), running, binge watching Netflix and getting my hair blow dried.

Art in our Home

Art in our Home

There are 3 questions that I get asked almost every day on Instagram:

  1. What paint colour is your bedroom?

  2. Where is your bedding from?

  3. Where do you buy your art from?

The first 2 questions I can answer very quickly – the paint colour is Downpipe by Farrow and Ball and the bedding is old H&M which sold out as soon as it went online – but the 3rd question has a much longer answer so I thought I’d dedicate a whole blog post to it.

I’ve always been a fan of a gallery wall, if you take a look at my Pinterest you’ll see that a picture wall features in a lot of the pictures I pin. It isn’t intentional, I guess I’m just drawn to them!

I first started curating gallery walls when I was a teenager – adorning my bedroom walls in posters, pages ripped out of magazines, postcards bought from Paperchase, birthday cards (my friends knew to buy me ones without a birthday message on them!), letters and CDs.

Since moving into our flat, I’d like to think that my gallery wall skills have improved somewhat since then and that our home is now full of art that represents our interests and also adds some personality to our home.

The Bedroom


I had my eye on these Coco Lapine prints for a while then finally got them as a Christmas present last year. The beach which features in the one on the right is the beach that my sister go married on in Iceland and I adore the lonely house print on the left as it reminds me of our travels around Scandinavia.


The Hotel Magique print wasn’t necessarily supposed to go here (I had intended for it to go on the gallery wall in the lounge) but I didn’t want it to get lost amongst other pieces as I absolutely love the sentiment of it.


The Jackson Pollock print was chosen by Jim and given to us as a gift from King & Mcgaw. Being a northern lad, Jim loves The Stone Roses and I love how the colours match those in our bedroom. Some would say it’s the most ‘us’ print in our home!

The ‘Love’ print was from an artist I found via Instagram (whose name I can’t remember!) and it reminded me of Blacklist Studio whose work I fell in love with when living in Australia. The moon print came from Desenio.

The Lounge


The gallery wall in our lounge has been built up gradually over time as I find prints that I love. I didn’t want to trawl through websites just picking anything out and instead went with the approach of letting the prints find me rather than me find them.


Initially, as I started to build up the collection, I shopped around within our house for pictures that were elsewhere. The Anthony Burrill ‘Work hard and be nice to people’ print was previously by the dining table  whilst the Olle Eksell along with the One Must Dash ‘Bla Bla Bla’, the ‘Yorkshire’ and ‘2008’ typography prints were all in the kitchen before.


The Seaford poster was a gift from Jim’s aunt when we first moved in together and is a place that’s special to us both (we have 4 other pictures of Cuckmere Haven dotted around the flat) including this one by Flo Snook.

As for the rest of the prints on our gallery wall, see list below on where you can buy them:

The Dining Area


I bought the Union Jack from WW2 (made from rationed linen for the victory parades) as a Christmas present almost 10 years ago and we had it framed by a local framer. The National Park sign came from Jim’s parents and is an original from the National Trust.


Final Thoughts

Other places that I love to look at art but haven’t got any in our home yet are The Poster Club and Print Club London.

As for framing your prints, I always pick mine up from The Range as it's at the bottom of my road but IKEA and Habitat are also good. If a print is an odd size I use Easy Frame who make made to measure frames and mounts.

When it comes to creating a gallery wall - I usually start by planning it on the floor first (it’s good if you have a rug that’s a similar size to the wall to plan it out on!). I have tried and failed miserably to create a template to hang on the wall afterwards but have found it best to just go with my gut and if it looks wrong then just use pollyfiller and a tester pot of paint to tidy the wall up!

I hope this helps you in your quest to find art for your home. I’m a strong believer that the at in your home should reflect the personalities and interests of you and the people who live there and hopefully you’ll find something that does this by the talented artists that I’ve included. If you do buy anything as a result of reading this then be sure to tag me in your pictures on instagram so I can see!

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